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§  The internationalist
§  Doing business in ….. Several reports (downloadable) on doing business in several countries. Search the database.
§  World bank databases
§  IMF databases and statistics
§  The earth institute
§  KPMG global industries
§  AMA’s Global Marketing Special Interest Group
§  ATKearney
§  Bain & Company
§  Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
§  The Boston Consulting Group
§  Brint – Online Resources for Contemporary Business, Technology & Knowledge Management Issues
§  Business Books: Core Collections & More (P. Z. McKay, Univ. of Florida)
§  Capgemini
§  Cluster Mapping Project (HBS)
§  Council on Competitiveness
§  Data & Statistics (FirstGov.gov)
§  Development Data & Statistics (The World Bank)
§  Deloitte
§  Global Business Policy Council (ATKearney)
§  HBS Working Knowledge
§  INSEAD Knowledge
§  International Cluster Competitiveness Project (HBS)
§  Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness (HBS)
§  KPMG International
§  McKinsey & Company
§  Mercer Management Consulting
§  PriceWaterhouseCoopers
§  Research & Insights (Accenture)
§  Research & Knowledge at IMD
 Research Topics (Milken Institute)
§  The Sloan Industry Centers (The Alfred Sloan Foundation)
§  Strategy+Business
§  WTO Research & Analysis


. World Bank (www.worldbank.org)
. International Monetary Fund (www.imf.org)

. United Nations (www.un.org)
. European Union
. International Labor Organization (www.ilo.org)
. OEDC (www.oecd.org)
. UNESCO (www.unesco.org)
. World Intellectual Property organization (www.wipo.org)
. Council of Europe (www.coe.int)
. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (www.asean.org)
. North American Free Trade (www.nafta.org)
. Africa Union (www.africa-union.org)
. League of Arab states (www.arableagueonline.org)
. Caribbean Community (www.caricom.org)
. Bank for international settlements (www.bis.org)
. Free Trade Area of the Americas (www.ftaa-alca.org)
. G8 information centre (www.g7.utoronto.ca)
. International Chamber of Commerce (www.iccwbo.org)
. Word Trade Organization (www.wto.org)
. United Nations Development Programme (www.undp.org)


 Asia Case Research Centre – Includes business cases developed by The School of Business of the Hong Kong University. Mainly these cases are Asian business related.

. BELL Case Studies – (Business Environment Learning and Leadership – BELL) Publishes teaching cases with accompanying teaching notes, developed by professors in all management disciplines, to help incorporate environmental and sustainability issues into the management curriculum.. Case Program at John F. Kennedy School of Government – Case studies on how government works, how public policy is made and how nonprofit organizations operate. Includes over 1,800 cases.. CasePlace.org – Cases that incorporate “social impact management” into business education.

. Darden Case Studies – From the Darden Business Publishing, includes several educational tools and many case studies. Includes some cases available for previewing in full-text.

. Design Management Institute (DMI) Case Studies – The cases focus primarily on the understanding of how companies actually manage their design resources; how design relates to other functions like engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and corporate communications; and how design decisions affect many facets of an organization..  

. Foundation for Advanced Studies in International Development (FASID) Case Collection – Cases deal mainly with topics relevant in international development..  

. Kellogg School of Management Case Collection – Cases that academic researchers and business trainers can use for educational purposes..  

. Richard Ivey School of Business Cases – Includes over 2,000 business-related cases..  

. Stanford Graduate School of Business – A database of all cases written from 1994 to date..  

. World Bank Institute Case Study Collection – These cases deal mainly with development matters. Some cases are available in full text.

. XanEdu – Includes a wide variety of cases from multiple sources. 

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